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Oreegee was created when the Annoying Orange got the Weegee Virus. Oreegee currently loves oranges and spends more time with them than any Fakegee. Oreegee has orange power and can shoot oranges. Also he can turn anything orange. If Oreegee eats an orange he will become Giga Oreegee. One time he ate a ton of oranges and became Toon Oreegee. Oreegee is also a known member of Weegee's Rainbow.

The Annoying Orange

He has his own show-just like the annoying orange-called The Annoying Oreegee. Unfortunately, one day he died from a vitamin C overdose because he wanted to take the  Over 9000 Oranges Challenge. He was later revived by Un Ded into Oreegee II. He then joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance.
Toon Oreegee

Toon Oreegee

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