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Ora Mob

Ora Mob is a semi-religous group lead by Oralleo and Oreegee. They believe in religions outside the Trolliverse, particularly the religions of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is not an army, but it can be considered a militia due to it being rivals with the Red Regiment and it being enemies with the Yellow Commonwealth. The Ora Mob does not like that the two armies use violence to get their way.

Notable Members

Oreegee is one of the leaders of the Ora Mob. He was made when the Annoying Orange got the Weegee Virus.
Yeegee is Preegee drenched in paint. He formed the paint squadron, but joined this army later. He has no rank.
Oralleo is one of the leaders of the Ora Mob. He was made when Oreegee turned some Malleos into Oralleos.
Yelleow is a former member of the Ora Mob. He was killed on an asteroid, but had no notable rank.
Teagee is a living teapot. He was one of the few survivors of the Binary War, and he joined this army.

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