"I can't bring you back, but I'll destroy The Anti-Weegee Alliance, brother!"

-Omnieegee when he encountered Samaweegee after he joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance

Omnieegee is the second son of Weegee, and founder of the T.A.O.M.W. He is special because he is born with UltraDNA. This is stronger than the artificial UltraDNA and gives him a lot of powers. It also makes his eyes golden. When he is angry or when he fights, his hair turns blond.


Omnieegee is the second son of Weegee. He and Samaweegee were good brothers and lived in peace,but now he wants to bring him back to Weegee's side. He is best friend with Armageddeegee, Erasergee and Armageddongee  they joined the League of Weegees. Because Samaweegee has joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance, he has fallen out of favor, so Omnieegee is the heir to the United 'Gees Galaxy. He soon had a child named Wegar, making Weegee a grandfather.


His most popular powers are:

Laser Vision

X-Ray Vision

Color Change

Immortality: Omnieegee can't die. (Well of old age.)


Omni Prison: (Powerful Attack,the enemy is teleported in a pentagonal prison who drain the forces, and, rarely, the life)

Energy Spheres and Rays




Omni Aura: Omnieegee Can manipolate Aura.

Omni Shield: Omnieegee Can Summon a semi-Indistructible shield.
Toon Omnieegee

Toon Omnieegee.

Omni Aura Shield (A semi-indistructible Aura Shield)

Energy Chains (The enemy can't move)

Meteorite Rain (The name speaks all)

Disintegrator (Disintegrates the object he stares)

Omnieegee Stare (You Turn into a Omnieegee Clone)

Random Stare (Various Effects,random)

Armageddon Stare (10 miles of earth was destroyed,he learned it trough Armageddeegee)

Ultimate Stare (A giant ray (the colour determinate the secondary effect) falls from the sky and for a variable amount of time, decided by Omnieegee)  

Mega Split (He splits into various smaller versions of himself and each of these have a single power in this arsenal except flight, which all of them have)

The New Form

Omnieegee in January 2014 was obsessed to find Hypneegee.He readed all his creepypasta,he was seeing every day The Crime Of Hypneegee, he wanted to see him so, that night....he was attacked. But Omnieegee wasn't scaried,tried to battle Hypneegee, but in the dreams he is invincible. So Omnieegee was beaten, but he learned Hypneegee's powers and gained a new form: Hypnomnieegee or Hypnieegee,in this form he can attack in dreams his enemies,he in reality can turn into liquid,disguise or apparing sfocate,various strange powers and can control his ones.Omnieegee wants a revenge on Hypneegee.... but this isn't the moment. This is his ultimate form, and if he unlocks a new form, Hypneegee will become stronger.

Hypnieegee or Hypnomnieegee.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 5.54.07 PM

Omnieegee as seen in Malleo is Missing NES.


Omnieegees Toon Form as he appears in "Malleo is Missing NES"