NourGodly1592 (2015)-0

V1 Form

NourGodly1592 is a supreme fakegee that was affected by Sapphire Radiation. Because of this, his eyes is blue, but also turned him a demi-god being.

NourGodly1592 was a member of the League of Weegees, but also a member of a secret spy group which is allied with them.


When you are talking him about combat, you know that things are getting serious. He can use his powers as well as his weapons, sometimes even both!


Silent Teleportation: He can teleport, seems ordinary, right? Well, think again as you cannot hear even the slightest wave of sound when he is teleporting.

Invincibility: He is invincible AND immortal, unless if a higher power or Weegee God attacks him. He cannot die easily.

Invisibility: He can be invisible, but that lasts for up to an 5 hours, not enough considering the fact that he rarely uses it.

Blasts: He can blast a lot of powerful blasts.

Element Control: If he gets angered, he can control over some elements (including Fire and Water)


He doesn't have any normal guns. He either uses his golden modified weapons or he uses bigger ones (including Thermo-Z31, one of the biggest guns)


His personality is pretty much calm in most cases, but he could get angered and depressed easily. Nothing is much known about him


  • Despite being a Demi-God, he still can feel pain and can drown. In fact, 700 attempts to drown him may seem a way to kill him.
  • He can get nervous easily when seeing a cute woman, the reason is still unknown.
  • There's a rumor says that NourGodly1592 looks handsome, while this rumor is stupid, it may be true since he reportedly has a lot of fan girls, 70% of his fanbase are girls.
  • He used to encounter MamaLuigi22, but surprisingly Nour walked away without any ignition of anger.
  • He is a professional at science, he even got several degrees for Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bioenginnering.
  • He is one of the few people who knows that Natural News are full of lies, in fact, he even hacked the website several times with the pseudonym or Mr. AR
  • He is muslim, ironically however, he is one of the descendants of Pureegee.
  • He is the first person to get the nerve to declare war on Hydreg Luxt'Fuvke. But because of the May 2016 Attack, there's no reason why he shouldn't fight them.
  • Since 2014, he was single. However, he met and married an endergirl named Exilate. Isn't that sweet?

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