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Nintendon't Wee S is an odd version of the DS. It's also a video game system made by the Nintendon't Company.

List of games

  • Drawn To Weegee
  • Shupah Malleo Brudas
  • NeeckTewns: Attack Of The Weegeebots
  • NeeckTewns: Globs Of Weegee
  • NeeckTewns: Unite
  • Weegee vs. Waweegee
  • Supah Malleo 64
  • Drawn to Weegee: Spongee Squarestache Edition
  • Paypah Malleo
  • Malleo Kart
  • Weegee Kart
  • Malleo Party 1 thru 9
  • Pawk Mahn Party
  • Malleo and Sawneek at the Weegeelympics
  • Suteegee: The Game
  • Phineahs and Foorb: The Game
  • Scribblegees
  • Super Scribblegees
  • Plants vs. zomgees
  • New Shupah Malleo Brohs
  • Malleo's Rainbow Wee S
  • Malleo's Rainbow Wee S 2
  • Weegee's Rainbow Wee S
  • Malleo Kart Wee S
  • Yushee Touch & Go
  • Yushee's Island Wee S
  • WalleoWare: Touched
  • WalleoWare: D.I.Y
  • Dr.Malleo
  • Shupa Malleo 64 Wee S
  • Weegémon Blawck and Wahyt
  • Weegee Robo Blast 2
  • Malleo Kart 9 Deluxe GOTY Wee S Edition

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