even though it's named the "wee" it says "wiigii" on it :/

The Nintendon't Wee is a gaming system created by the Nintedon't company. It is really epic and can play every type of game. However, Weegee outlawed any game that didn't have to do with him or Malleo. The most popular Wee game is Weegee, the Video Game.

Other Games

  • Weegee: The Video Game
  • Shupa Malleo Brudas
  • Super Malleo Kart
  • Shupa Malleo Galgee
  • Hotel Malleo
  • Hotel Weegee
  • Weegee Returns
  • Weegee 2
  • Weegee 3
  • Weegee 4
  • Weegee goes to the store
  • Weegee takes Manhattan
  • Weegee blows up a universe
  • Weegee and Malleo take over the Trolliverse
  • Evil Weegee
  • Weegee Will Destroy Your Soul
  • Weegee and The King battle to the death over some KF gee's
  • Weegee: attack on Wendy's: Old Fashioned Dictatorship
  • Weegee Castle
  • Shupah Weegee Brohz
  • Shupah Malleo Brohz
  • Weegee stares into Bobby The Rabbit's soul
  • Weegee vs. Woogee
  • Shupah Fortran
  • Shupah Fortran II: The Anti-Weegee Alliance Attack!
  • Shupah Fortran III: Quest in the Trolliverse
  • Shupah Fortran IV: Tedeh the Great
  • Shupah Fortran V: Final Boss
  • Shupah Fortran VI: The battle for richness
  • SpungeBawb's Truth Or Scwayre: The Game
  • Weegee's Mansion Dark Moongee
  • Weegee's haunted Mainsion
  • Alawnteez Scwayre Pawnteez
  • Neeck Tewns: Attack Of The Weegeebots
  • Neeck Tewns: Glawbs of Dewm
  • Neeck Tewns: Unite
  • Neeck Tewns: Battle For Weegee Island
  • Phineahs And Foorb: Across The 2nd Dimension
  • Weegee Sports
  • Weegeemon: Blahck and Whiet
  • Feihrly Awddparehnts: Braking the Rules
  • Weegee Kart
  • SpungeBawb vs. Spongee
  • Jeemeeh Newtrawn: Weegee Fusion
  • Jeemeeh Newtrawn: Attack Of The Weegees
  • When Fakegees Attack
  • When Fakegees Attack 2: Evil Rising  
  • Squidbob Tentapants Quest  
  • Weegee's visit to KF gee's
  • Samaweegee spotted at KF gee's
  • Weegee Maleegee: Nahts and Bohltz
  • Weegee Robo Blast 2
  • Super Malleo RPG (Virtual Console)
  • Quaxaleegee Land
  • Quaxaleegee Land 2: Quaxaleegee vs. Owli
  • Quaxaleegee Land 3: X-47 Destroys the Trolliverse
  • Quaxaleegee Land 4: Marmite Attack
  • Weegee Warfare
  • Weegee Warfare 2
  • Malleo Kart 9 Deluxe YTP GOTY Edition 2019

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