Nintendon't is a United 'Gees Galaxy's gaming company. It is owned by Valleo, it also sponsors another game company called Virtual 'Gees Entertainment.


One day, Weegee realized he should start a gaming company so the citizens of the United 'Gees Galaxy can play video games and see his life and history. However, he couldn't find a name for the company! But then, while he was watching this ad on his long-range Geevision that can view channels on Earth, he figured out a name: Nintendon't! And so Nintendon't was founded. The first console released was the VGS, and the first game was World of Weegcraft. After Valleo graduated from Nelman University in gaming, he started working for Nintendon't, and eventually became it's owner. Valleo created the SVGS, in memory of his brother, Veegee. Recently, Nintendon't has been creating consoles such as the Nintendon't Wee and games such as Super Malleo Kart. Weegee Clone 1205 used the Weegee Virus and created Nintendongee't. Also Vsalleegalleo was created in 2015 and made the ADVGS, ADVG2 , ADSVGS, AD.VS XXXIII and Deluxury'dont. (The deluxe version of Nintendon't and with more games).

List of Consoles and Handhelds

List of Games

There are lots of games for their systems, here are the most popular.

The Birth of Deluxury'nt

2 days after Vsalleegalleo was created, he decided to make Deluxury'nt. 2 years after, the games that were added gave birth to their deluxe version.

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