Nega Weegee

Nega Weegee was a manifestation of Weegee's "good" side. He was created when Weegee expelled all the good from his body and mind in order to become stronger. Nega Weegee was the 2nd pure good Fakegee ever. 

However, Greegee took him in as a surrogate son. Eventually, Nega Weegee got infected by a Marmite containing MR and became the evil Marmeegee.

When Grarmeegee looses all his forces, he turns into Nega Weegee for 10 minutes.


He gets Weegee's powers and forms, including:

  • Toon Nega Weegee

    Toon Nega Weegee.

    Nega Fire Weegee
  • Nega Gay Weegee
  • Nega Giga Weegee
  • Nega Silver Weegee