Neegee was a Fakegee that was Preegee's only friend. Neegee was teased for being purple, though he wasn't teased as much as Preegee. Later on however, the new show Barnee came out, and Neegee was teased for having Barnee's colors. One day, Neegee decided to move to the Earth where he wouln't be teased about Barnee. When he got there, he was teased for looking like Barney. Now that he knew the Earth had a Barnee variation, he decided to move to the Trolliverse Isles, where he was not teased and actually became friends with Pureegee. All this time, Preegee was all alone until Preegee made 3 new friends that made everybody his friend. Neegee misses Preegee a bit, but Pureegee told him he can invent something so that there will be a special computer system to talk to Preegee from there.

Toon Neegee

Toon Neegee.

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