It was a boring day, everyone were having fun, but LriGee. had nothing to do. Suddenly, she found an interesting book. Wherever she tried to read it, everywhere somebody, or two, were noisy. She had nowhere else to read, except the forest... Of course she didn't dare to go deep into the woods, so she was close to her home. She sat under a tree, and finally... She had a place where to read. While she was reading, a rainbow seed fell on her head. LriGees eyes closed. When she opened them, they were glowing white, and then, a flash of light, and a new

This is Naturegee.

Fakegee is born.

In front of LriGee a Fakegee was standing. She said her name is Naturegee. She said that there are only a few Fakegees and such seeds in any forest in the world. Only some of the seeds get lucky falling on a married Fakegee (Female)s head. She said she was born not only because of the seed, but because of LriGee. That means that LriGee is Naturegees mother. But then there is a question... Who is the father? It is YuGee. He is the husband of LriGee, new father of Naturegee. LriGees family is actually pretty weird. Everyone is born some strange way. Well, I guess it's normal for them! There are rumors saying that Naturealleo is her brother but that's a lie since Naturealleo is a Malleo God.


Naturegee Stare: If she stares at sometimes, they'll explode.


Naturegee is another Fakegee female. She is the daughter of LriGee. Her father is YuGee. She is also a member of Alphaweegees Army. She is known as the cook and nurse of Alphaweegee's Army. Here is an interesting fact: She eats plants... :/

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