Nalleo is a Fakealleo who is the brother of Neegee. His only friend is Pralleo, just like how Neegee's is Preegee. He was very sad when his brother left, he was almost as sad as Sadgee, almost. One day Dr. Scientisteegee blasted him with his newest invention, the SGB (Super God Blaster) which gave the person who was shot godly powers. Nalleo got the powers except Dr. Scientisteegee didn't add the feature that they would rule The Anti-Weegee Alliance. After Nalleo got the powers he went to see Pralleo to give him powers too. Since other Fakegees bullied them, they decided to form their own galaxy. They called it the United 'Rejects Universe which was a universe for any Fakegee who felt that they were rejected. They also formed the group the Rejectgees, which is a group of rejected Fakegees that live in the United 'Rejects Universe. He gave Zalleo XII Godly powers and Zalleo XII Created Zalltana

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