Moongee is a Fakegee that lives on the moon. He is Alphaweegee's friend. He currently serves Alphaweegees Army. Staralleo is his brother. His opposite is Sungee.


The story

One day Alphaweegee was looking at the moon. Suddenly, he saw a dark moving dot on the moon. He decided to investegate it. He puted LriGee in a cannon and shot her. When LriGee got on the moon, a fakegee attacked her. She said that she is a friend. The Fakegee said that his name is moongee. LriGee said "Why do you live here?" He said that when he was a little boy he loved to look at the moon. One day he decided to fly there. When he got there, he absorbed the power of the moon. LriGee said that Alphaweegee wants to meet him. Right now Moongee lives with his brother, Staralleo in the weegeehood of Alphaweegee.