Moneygee in Pound form

"Moar money!"

American Dollar Moneygee

Dollar Moneygee

Moneygee is a Fakegee who is obsessed with money. He invented GeeDollars (the United 'Gees Galaxy's currency), and is the manager and current CEO of the United 'Gees Reserve. He has many forms, representing different kinds of money. His most known form is the Pound form (shown right). But he also has a bunch of other forms. He is the richest Fakegee, because he can create money out of thin air. He is currently fighting for the Fakegees in the Cyber War, but it is unknown why he doesn't use his unlimited cash to support the army. Moneygee also has a form that makes him made out of gold, this form is called Moar Moneygee.

He is also the killer of Richgee, because he took loans from Moneygee for years but never paid him back.

He strangely keeps a list of the top five richest Fakegees, which are:

1. Moneygee

2. Samaweegee

3. Richgee

3.5 Luialleo: Spent it all on a bread crumb.

4. Samalleo

5. NourGodly1592

(not multimillionare, but billionaire for his earned money)

Moneygee also bought Cinemeegee Theaters for 5000GD.

His favorite drink is Supenk.

He owes EgoGee 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 GeeBucks.