MeWeegee is the weird fusion of Weegee and Meegee that first appeared in Russmarrs2's video, "Weegee and Meegee". Weegee and Meegee were scaring everybody in Bikini Bottom, until they eventually got into each other's way. Eventually they decided the only way to settle who would scare everybody and turn them into their clones, was to have a showdown. So they fought, and caused an explosion, but oddly, they were fused into MeWeegee instead of dying after the outcome of the fight. Meegee and Weegee fuse into Meweegee a second time to fight Sqeegee, his strength being powerful enough to revert Sqeegee back to Squidward. With the help of Goku and Russmarrs2 , he put an end to Sqeegee's reign of terror.

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