Toon Meegario

Meegario was a disfigured Awheeo clone genetically engineered by Higito.



The Anti-Weegee Alliance needed to end Weegee in order to dominate the United 'Gees Galaxy. After learning about Weegee's lost brother Awheeo, they decided it would be best to replace because at the time, Weegee was beginning to know him. He would never be able to tell the difference if Awheeo was replaced by a spying clone. The superiors of the organization gave Dr. Scientisteegee the job of cloning Awheeo and manipulating that clone to the will of the Anti-Weegee Alliance. 


After gaining a living DNA sample of Awheeo from an unknown source, Dr. Scientisteegee had everything he needed to clone the Geeman. He had one of his subordinate bioengineer named Higito work on the cloning process while Dr. Scientisteegee would manage the cloning chamber. However, Higito disliked the idea of Dr. Scientisteegee gaining credit for cloning Awheeo when he wasn't even involved in the cloning process. So, while Dr. Scientisteegee was away, Higito took a sample of his own DNA and spliced it with Awheeo's DNA sample. After he did this, he began the process of genetically engineering a "clone of Awheeo".

Eventually, the new being exited the cloning chamber. As the light shined on his naked body, Dr. Scientisteegee gained an ugly frown. The clone's physical appearance had many differences from Awheeo. Dr. Scientisteegee believed that changing his physical appearance would only spell disaster, as the proportions of his body were too different from Awheeo to be fixed.


Though Dr. Scientisteegee was very hesitant to do so, he had allied terrorist forces drop off the clone on a nearly desolate planet. However, a few minutes after arrival, a caravan of Fakegees found the naked clone lying in the dirt. The leader of the caravan, whose name was Meegee, decided to give the outcast a flight to the United 'Gees capital planet. He was named Meegario by the Fakegees in the caravan because Meegee rescued him from death and that he looked like a chubbier version of Mario.

Enlisting in Weegee's Army

The moment Meegario entered the capital city, he was blasted with Pro-Weegee propaganda. Not knowing what was true and what was untrue, he sent in an application to join Weegee's Army. His application was quickly accepted, and he was sent to a training camp where he would learn how to fight. He excelled in melee combat, but he lacked the ability of using special powers. After his combat grades were sent to Weegee, the king overestimated the results and started producing clones of Meegario, who were later dubbed as Fakegarios.


Meegario was killed after the planet of Deega exploded, and its debris destroyed the military frigate that Meegario was serving on. He was one of the many lives that were lost during the Juvionian Schism