Mawweoh is the cousin of Fortran. He appeared in Shupa Malleo Brudahs 2 where he fought Mowsa and Warte and others. When he says "Push B to Pluck Turnip!", the victim has a seizure. He is rivals with Maddeoh and Mawdio.
Mawweoh's theme02:56

Mawweoh's theme

His theme song

He is The Fortran Of SMB2 Mario. Mawweoh actually used to be good, he had Ulona at the time (before she married Fortran) and he was living a happy life, but then Ulona saw Fortran in town and broke up with Mawweoh for Fortran. This made Mawweoh's heart break and from then on he got angry like Angrygee and became evil. He's also made a Mairriyo because they're Fortrans from the same game. 

Wife Confusion

Mawweoh is now Pweasch's husband, since Pweasch has no husband.

Arround that time, Ulona broke up with Mawweoh and married Fortran forever.

Ulona and Fortran gave birth to Malleo and adopted Weegee.

He lost his wife Ulona, because of Fortran.

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