Not to be confused with Malleegee.

"Are you ready for some beating?" Mauleegee

Mauleegee is an agressive and autist Fakegee and the son of Maltroegee. He is the biggest bully in the Lalleo School and yet the teachers are oblivious to him despite his evil appearance. He is extremely strong and likes to beat up younger fakegees, especially Wee Bee Gee Jee. His dream is to join The Anti-Weegee Alliance when he gets older.

Mauleegee became known to Fakegees outside of Lalleo School when Autheegee published the book, Jeegee & Keegee, in which Mauleegee was the main antagonist.

He has been beaten by NourGodly1592 as he beat Nour's Finest brother, NourGodly1337. For such, Maltroegee was about to kill Nourgodly, (because if Maltroegee is super mad, you are pretty much dead) but he managed to escape from Maltroegee. His Brother Is Maulleo. After the cops threatened him to stop teasing Preegee or go to jail for bullying, he disappeared.