Marrioh was a Fakegee that was created by Gweeyee to serve as his brother. Gweeyee meant to go to Dr. Scientisteegee's Lab, where he was created, but took a wrong turn and went to Un Ded's, which happened to be next door. Gweeyee took a Marreoh clone's DNA and mixed it with a Malleo clone's DNA. Gweeyee then accidentally put in a whole bottle of Benzynite, a chemical that makes things Pure Evil. The chemical went on half of his face and burned the skin off. Gweeyee then decided to put a robot eye and cheek on Marrioh, as Un Ded had tons of them. When Marrioh was finished, he went crazy and wanted to destroy the United 'Gees Galaxy. The Anti-Weegee Alliance wanted him to join them, but Marrioh just swatted them away. Marrioh destroyed half the hat when Weegee appeared and killed Marrioh, leaving Gweeyee alone again. Later on, Gweeyee would make Marrioh II, who would not cause any harm.   

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