A MR Marmite

Marmites are parasitic creatures that live in the United 'Gees Galaxy. They are the distant relatives of Metroids. Marmites are also Pure Evil. Each Marmite can carry a certain chemical, and when they infect a creature (say a Weegee), they can mutate them. A Marmite's chemical can be determined by the color of it's nucleus. Sometimes, these creatures are used by the Darkzi. Some crazy Faketrans (fake Fortrans) put some on some toast and liked it, we may never know why...

Marmite Chemicals

  • MR-Red
  • FFR-Orange
  • WVR-Blue
  • SuperDNA-Multicolored
  • PR-Dark Green
  • RR-Purple
    Marmite 500g 450 tcm28-293449


  • RR-Multicolored
  • GR - Brown
  • FR - Cyan
  • NR - Multicolored
  • GGR - Light Green
  • SR - Yellowish Green
  • ICR - Pink
  • LLR - Lemon Yellow/Lime Green
  • RR - Blood Red
  • SR - Sapphire Blue
  • PR - Multicolored
  • DER - Dark Purple
  • TDR - Orange & Black

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