Marioxs with a purple aura

Marioxs was a Fakealleo that was created by Fakeegee. He had a brother named Leegee. Marioxs died during the Fakegee Civil War. He looked nothing like Malleo and was often classified as an "oddball". His eyes were swirly because he was hypnotized to forget the "Fake Weegees", a pre-Fakegees group he was involved in. He is thought to be Pagan because of the Pagan star that follows him everywhere. Look closely and you can see that he has a flamethrower for an arm. He obtained this arm when his regular one was cut off during the Fakegee Civil war. On the arm, there is a "W". There is one because "W" was the mascot for the company that made the arm. Also, he sometimes is seen with a purple aura. He was later revived into Marioxs II. He was created when Marreoh went to eat a burger who got remplaced by a robo arm, just like Guiyii. He is still Marreoh, but people now call him Marioxs.

He is rivals with Warioxs. Even though he also hates Ludrix.

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