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Mama Weegee

That's Mama Weegee to you, Malleo!

"That's Mama Weegee to you, Mama Malleo!"

—Mama Weegee

Mama Weegee is a psychotic Weegee Clone, who one day thought he was going to have kids. He told his brother, a Malleo clone, that he was going to be mama. Malleo ignored him. The next day, the Malleo clone said "Eh, Weegee?" which made Mama Weegee say: "That's Mama Weegee to you, Malleo!". Ever since then, he has obsessed with saying that and says it nonstop. At one point a Fakegee named MamaLuigi22 pushed him off a cliff and killed him because Mama Weegee was annoying the crap out of him.


  1. Mama Weegee is able to talk due to a gene mutation
  2. Weegee was planning to assassinate him before MamaLuigi22 decided to kill him
  3. There was a Mama Malleo at one point, but he died from a hotdog eating contest

Mama Weegee 2.0

Mama Weegee 2.0

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