Malleo's Rainbow

Malleo's Rainbow. Members:(In order) Malleo, Yelleow, Balleo, Lalleo, Oralleo, Maweegee, Pralleo. NOTE: Salleo recently joined but has not yet been recorded

This article is about Malleo's Rainbow. For Weegee's Rainbow click here.

Malleo's Rainbow consists of Malleo clones that are colors of the Rainbow.

Malleo's Rainbow is also a book for younger Malleo Clones and Fakealleos so the can learn the colors of Malleo's Rainbow, and a Video game for the Nintendon't Wee and the Nintendon't Wee S, which, like the book, teaches young malleos their Malleo Rainbow.


Shupa Malleo by theMarioBrother-1-
Malleo is the brother of Weegee and the other ruler of the United 'Gees Galaxy.
Yelleow is a lemon-themed Fakealleo. He can turn people into rotten lemons. He is deceased.
Balleo 2.0
Balleo is the brother of Beegee and has the power of B letter words. He can summon many objects that start with this letter.
Weegalleo by Mandiny
Lalleo is a Gee-Malleo (Malleo-Weegee fusion) and a former member of the rainbow. He joined The Green Coalition later on.
Oralleo is an orange loving Malleo Clone and the co-leader of the Ora Mob. He is still in Malleo's Rainbow due to the Ora Mob not taking violent actions.