(Not to be confused with Malleegee)

Maleegee is a genetic combiniation of Weegee and Malleo. It all started one day when Malleo and Weegee were bored. Nothing was happening in the United 'Gees Galaxy, so they thought of an idea; creating a genetic brother with each of their DNA.

So they went to Weegee's genetic testing lab (Formerly owned by Dr.Scientisteegee) and put there DNA plus a little DNA altering powder made by Cookeegee into the GCM (Genetic clone maker) and Maleegee walked out. He is now Weegee and Malleo's brother,and Maleegee is Weegee's personal advisor and is also a lieutenant in Weegee's army. Someone called him an abomination, and they later got mysteriously killed. People think Maleegee killed him.


Weegee Virus: Turns people into weegee clones.

Fire flowah: Turns things into fire flowers,and turns himself into Flaming Maleegee.

Teleport: Teleportation, obviously.

Weegee stare: Causes people's head to blow up.

And the rest of Weegee and Malleo's powers, plus a few DNA altering powers such as

Animize: turns you into the animal Maleegee is thinking about

Animate: Turn any Fakegee or even Weegee or Malleo into their toon form

Power incident.

Due to rumors getting out about how powerfull Maleegee is, several fakegees have tried to kill him. But none have suceeded yet,due to his power.

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