The Mahzii Flag

Mahziis, also known as Malleo's Army, are the elite army led by Malleo, though Toon Malleo is usually Malleo's form for leading them. Their goal is to wipe out any Non-Fakegee/Weegee/Malleo off the face of the United 'Gees Galaxy. Weegee is also a commander, though he usually spends time in his own army.

Mahzii soldiers are people with the Mahzii badge (more like a wristband) and Koopa shells for heads. But some others don't. The Mahziis are now members of the League of Weegees. Their flag resembles the Nazi flag.

Here are the others:


Weegee (Though he usually spends time in his own army)


Malleo and Weegee's most important relatives.

A Mahzii soldier

Malleo once turned his back on Weegee and started another army of Mahziis with Canker, Drek, and Sanic as his soldiers. They were relatively weak though and were defeated by the King and Morshu, while Drek was killed by Dark Sqeegee

Mahziis theme

Mahziis theme