Do Not Get Confused With Wiigii

Luweegee is a Fakegee that was formed when Dr. Scientisteegee tried taking some of Luigi's DNA and putting it into a Weegee clone. Luigi was hiding in Dr. Scientisteegee's lab at the time and snuck out of a corner when Dr. Scientisteegee went to report his findings to The Anti-Weegee Alliance. Luigi accidentally stumbled on an earlier experiment. This creature was the early Gweeyee. Luigi heard Dr. Scientisteegee coming and hid. However, it was too late. Dr. Scientisteegee caught Luigi and copied his DNA and put it into a paralyzed Weegee clone. This creature became Luweegee. Luweegee and Gweeyee were then ordered to destroy Luigi, who fled the scene, with the two mutants in hot pursuit.

Eventually, Weegee saw all of them running and arrested Luigi, while freeing Luweegee and Gweeyee from Dr. Scientisteegee's control. Now, Luweegee and Gweeyee are happy normal Fakegees. Luweegee seemed to be related to Luiweegee. He later has a brother named Mahreoh.

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