8-bitgee 2.0


Luiigiiie is Weegee's sprite who appeared on video games, Weegee liked him, and Samaweegee hated him. His friends is to Fakegees, Fakealleos, Humans, the Mario Bros, and Non-Weegees. He joined Weegee's Army, and was promoted to the 4th general by Weegee himself. Weebee hates him since they look alike, but Weebee is also part of the League of Weegees, so they're more like rivals. He then changed his appearance to look more like Weegee, but Weebee still hated him.

Luiigiiie new fakegee



  • 8-Bitgee
  • Luigi Look-Alike
  • Weeuigi (called by Samaweegee)
  • Non-Nickname
  • 3gee
  • 16-Bitgee (called by Carnavana, who was the only one who noticed Luiigiiie is a 16-bit, not an 8-bit.)
  •  Spriteegee (called by Opigee)