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Luigi vs Weegee

Luigi and Weegee interacting without a fight.

Luigi, also known as "true" Weegee, is the brother of Mario and Paolo and the rival of Waluigi. He cannot get the Weegee Virus, and cannot be turned into a Fire Flower. Instead, he would become Fire Luigi. Unlike his brother Mario, who is friends with Malleo, Luigi hates Weegee, and tried several times to destroy Weegee, but has never succeeded.He is enemies with him because he knows Weegee is pure evil along with Malleo but Mario knows they just need some friends, and Luigi is being crazy because Malleo and Weegee would never lay a finger on Mario. He cannot be turned into a Weegee, because Luigis and Weegees are the same they only effect their army, but not the true.  In the National Anthem of The United Gee's Empire it says "...Weegee is incharge, Luigi must dieeeee!..."

Some articles where Luigi has tried to destroy Weegee:

Powers And Abilities

Luigi can't be turned into a Fire Flower, it transforms himself in Fire Luigi, can use the super Mushroom and become Super Luigi,the Mega Mushroom, with this, he will become Mega Luigi, and the Golden Mushroom, with this he will turn into Silver Luigi.

Gay Luigi

Luigi can become Gay Luigi, a more strong form, but can not compete with Weegee; in this form he can launch pink rays, summon gay and teleport them or himself.

Mama Luigi


Mama Luigi

Luigi can become Mama Luigi, this form is almost as powerful as Weegee, and in this form, he has a secret hideaway and a flying car, can create eggs of Baby Yoshi, the Baby Yoshis fight for him, in this form, he can shoot red or green beams from his fingers or eyes, can launch energy spheres, can teleport himself or the Baby Yoshis, can run very fast; levitate, bagels and destroy any inanimate object or seal he inside of it himself to make an attack. For turning into Mama Luigi, Luigi must first have become Gay Luigi.



Luigi Death Stare

Weegee sued Luigi 189,161,566 Weegee Dollars for plagiarism (plagiarist act seen above).

In 2012, Luigi became infamous for a "death stare" he made while go-kart racing. Weegee caught note of this plagiarism, and and quickly sued him for 189,161,566 GeeDollars (considering that Luigi cannot be defeated by Weegee or Malleo in the normal Weegee tradition). The lawsuit is still in action, and is currently hindering Weegee's control, so Malleo is de-facto leader of the Weegee Empire. There are also assassination attempts being made on Luigi due to this act.

Gweeyee Luigi

After Gweeyee destroyed his right arm

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