"hey,Text_will_be_replace_with_username,wanna hang out ehh?"

- Looguigee

Looguigee is a Fakegee that lives in Moobee's object and has a Empire of his Own called The United Empire of Moobee.for the most part, he seems like a normal citizen. He has a kind brother named Mareheo and many unknown cousins within his Empire.

Looguigee's death and revival

in 1890 he was assassinated by a Unknown weegee clone.but at that same night,his Brother had a dream about Looguigee being revived by Reviveegee.The very next day,Mareheo ended up bumping into a revived Looguigee,then he smiled.This terrified Mareheo, who ended up bolting away into and leaping into Someones pool.his Brother's body was never found intil 1912.he was found,floating in a lake...he was also revived by Reviveegee.

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