Laser Flower

A Laser Flower

Laser Flowers are special Fire Flowers that zap lasers from their core. They are the specialty of Kadralleo, who can summon them at will. Their lasers can also be charged for greater power. If Malleo uses a Laser Flower, he will become Laser Malleo. However, Mario cannot use Laser Flowers.

Laser Flowers emanate Laser Radiation and, as such, grant the user its power. They are somewhat rare and can be naturally found throughout the United 'Gees Galaxy in planets were a supernova has hit. It is so rare because supernovas usually send planets out of orbit.

They can be farmed but it requires a special technique so they don't explode into a cloud of Laser Radiation. As such, they can be extremely dangerous to handle and also consume a lot of nutrients from the soil. There is a wide market of Laser Flowers throughout the galaxies and nations commonly use it for energy sources or for combat.