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Lalleo is Meegee's brother and Zogen's son. He was also a Fakealleo that was created when a Malleo clone fused with a Weegee clone by Fuseegee. He looks like Malleo except the red parts are green. Lalleo is extremely evil, so whoever he fights with ends up dead. Instead of Fire Flowers he can make "Stare Flowers" which can stare at you and give you the Lalleo Virus. He is also the owner of Lalleo School, located in the blue eye of the United 'Gees Galaxy. Strangely, he is not enemies of Weegee, but he is enemies of Malleo, after crashing the Lalleo School Dance. He later turned against his brother and joined a green-loving army called The Green Coalition. His friends tease him and call him Lalalalleo. This, however, ended when his friends found out about Lalalleo. His son is Samalalleo. He resumed his finding of mysterious objects to revive Meegee.


  • He never liked MamaLuigi22 because of what MamaLuigi22 did to his school.
  • He hates Wagee because Wagee gave him a wedgie.
  • He is also the headmaster of the GOT.
  • He looks a awful lot like Weegalleo.