Yoballeo has his own show where he tells jokes and makes Fakegees laugh. But the show wan't enough for him...

This is it! The LRG Circus. :)

He was still joking to much at home and showing LriGee. different comedies... LriGee was tierd of all of this, that's why she created her own circus. She called it the LRG Circus. She made Yoballeo the owner of it. Now he has two jobs, joking on his show, and being the owner of the circus. He was very proud that LriGee gave him the circus, he always wanted to be an owner of one. He didn't know that she did that cuz he was getting annoying with his jokes. Of course Yoballeo couldn't have the circus with no circus members, so he went to find some. He found some members for the circus.


Yoballeo - (Leader)

Clowngee - (Clown)

Clownalleo - (Clown)

NourGodly1337 - (Magican)

(and a few more. Some elephants, some animals...)

This article was  created by LriGee.

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