Kleegee before

Kleegee is a Fakegee that hated humans. His brother was Mallio, who loved humans. Kleegee was a big fan of the Maliis but thought that they were slightly obselete, as they consisted mostly of Koopa Kreatures. At some point Kleegee went mad and ended up killing his own brother Mallio.

At Christmas, Santatran didn't give him a gift, because he is a naughty Fakegee. This made Kleegee so mad. He tried to kill Santatran, but Santatran teleported away from him. (This is because when Santatran got revived by a gift, after being killed by Angreegee, he got the power to teleport, just like Weegee has.)

Kleegee got angry even more and ended up saying "What the heck!" because his dead brother was gone. Now is a member of The Anti-Weegee Alliance.

Mallio's revivement

Later on, Malleo revived Mallio, along with Santalleo. This made Kleegee evil, so Santatran doesn't give him any more gifts.