Killeegee is a Fakegee who loves to kill. It is reported that he killed Gralleo III. He also attempted to kill Weegee which resulted in his assistant Murdergee's arrest. they once had a plan to kill Golden Weegee   but that turned into Murdergee's heist of Golden Weegee's WeegeeGold. Ever since the assacination attempt of Weegee, no one has known of his location. Some think he was behind the assacination attempts of MalleoFortranXeegee, and Toon Fleegee. They also think he killed Gralleo II and Basicalleo. Killeegee's whereabouts are still unknown to date. He once tried to kill MamaLuigi22 and didn't work out well. He also joined the Weegee Killers.

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