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The non-recolor form of Keewee.

Keewee is a Weegee clone that is the result of Devingee combining a small amount of kiwi DNA with that of a Weegee clone. Because of this, he is often prone to attacks by fruit bats, monkeys, and any other creature that likes to eat a lot of fruit. He's also the most well-known Fakegee pomologist.


Keewee was the first Fakegee that Devingee ever created (or at least, the first one that didn't die horribly). Keewee was more of an experiment to see if he could really actual do it, and once Keewee was created, he was mostly ignored in favor of the creation of Devingee's other Fakegees.

For a short amount of time, Keewee was raised by a Weegified clone of Devingee's aunt (who, due to Devingee's experience in cloning and programming having increased since his creation of Keewee, happened to be fully grown with decades worth of experience, unlike Keewee himself), and mostly had a relatively average childhood.

As a child, he was curious about his strange biological makeup, and, naturally, got invested in biological studies of all sorts, especially zoology, botany, pomology, bacteriology, and genetics. He is said to have cultivated seventeen new varieties of fruit, including the Weegee Kiwi.

Considering that he ages normally as opposed to most of Devingee's other Fakegees (he was only three or four grades ahead of Chrawmawkee), he was never directly involved in any of the major wars or conflicts that the Chaeskayke, Jr. Army was in, and didn't join said army until shortly before the Confederation of Allied Weegees was created.

He mostly worked as an average (yet relatively high-ranking) infantryman in Chaeskayke, Jr.'s Army, although he eventually became a key worker in developing biological weapons. During the Eegnevid Conflict, which was part of the Antevingee War, Keewee introduced an interesting variety of biological warfare, involving developing poisonous points that looked like edible ones, so that enemy troops would confuse them for safe fruit, eat them, and become incapacitated. When his enemies got wise to his planning, he created a variety of invasive plants that would only deactivate when exposed to an otherwise harmless gas. After this, he planted them all over the planet and encouraged the abandoning of Planet Nachuma. When the soldiers abruptly got killed and the attacking forces retreated, Keewee quickly unleased the gas on the planet, and lead the effort to rebuild the planet.  

During peacetime, he mostly creates varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and flowers for eating and/or for manufacturing and retail use. Sometimes he may develop more plant-based weapons, although he seems to be doing this less often.