Kadreegee is a spy Weegee.


He's really good at hiding and uses his stare to hypnotize people who disobey his orders and can also use it to make people forget they saw him. After Suteegee was made from the Weegee Cloning Machine a spy named Kadron and Weegee were sent to investigate. Kadron got the Weegee Virus, making him Kadreegee. Kadreegee is the top spy in Weegee's Army. He has a bionic eye that helps him see through anything and zap lasers. It is this eye that can hypnotize people. His brother Kadralleo was made when Kadrin, Kadron's brother, was fused with Malleo's DNA during a case. Kadreegee has a lieutenant spy in Weegee's Army known as Spigee, though he is not the best at spying.Kadreegee now joins the League of Weegees.   

Toon Kadreegee

Toon Kadreegee.

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