Jollee is a female Malleo. Her husbant is Agee, her daughter is LriGee., and her son is Yoballeo. She bought her mustache at the mall. It is also known 

This is Jollee.

that she loves lollipops. She one of the happy Fakegees in The 'Gees Universe. If she stares at somebody 25 minutes, a piano will fall on you, cause she really likes music. Jollee isn't only a happy Fakegee, she is also a very jolly Fakegee, cause if you say the name, you will say "Jolly" even if you tried to say "Jollee". There is one thing nobody knows, is she the first female Malleo, and did female Malleos come first and female Weegees come second? Only god, himself can answer these questions, you can guess, but you can't know. If you want to find out how she met LriGee, her daughter, read the Agee article or click here. :)


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