Jeenee is a fakenee with satire attitude, no one really cares about him. He is decently powerful to Weenee standards. He is not very smart and extremely cowardly. He is kind of evil, but more rude than evil actually. He is the opposite of Justin II and Jeegee. He works for the monstrous Seventy-Five, well as a servant. He goes through some crazy stuff like handling Indexgee and dealing with broken machines. He usually makes coffee for 75 and Xamo. He is bitter to the other Weenees and Weegees. Jeenee is considered neutral but isn't liked by the other Weenees because of the fact he is cruel to most of them.

He is good friends with Peenee, Highnee, Ceenee, Deenee, and Yeenee. He hates Weegee and all the other fakegees. He is one of the most evil yet weakest Weenees ever but he always attempts to destroy the Weegees but always fail to. He soon tried using other Weenees' DNAs and achieved a super form that doubled his power. This form lasts 10 minutes.


Jeenee's super form

After 75 and Xamo died, Jeenee stole inherited all the money they had and bought a decent house however, Indexgee followed him into his new home. Furious, Jeenee demanded her to get out but Indexgee was stubborn and said that friends wouldn't ditch each other. Jeenee then made a deal that Indexgee needed to earn at least ten GeeDollars a month to which Indexgee agreed to. Jeenee now works as a typical garbage man and gets paid 20 Geedollars a hour but thanks to the stolen inherited money, he can kind of afford both the house and the amount of food spent by Indexgee. Indexgee soon had twins to someone anonymous, which for 10 months were thought to be by Jeenee but was proven false. The father is still unknown but Jeenee helps Indexgee's kids which was named Oya and Rumi (for some odd reason).

Unaware to Jeenee, he is purified by Pureegee to be one of the pure beings to help Pureegee defeat the demons and Anti-Gods. However, he was not powered up enough to be come a Demi-God.

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