404 no peace found,ATTACK!


The Armageddon Army has finally attacked.They have actually taken the  eastern coast and defeated the local factions.Armageddeegario is the head of the forces that actually attacked.We have only began.

The coast controlled by the Armageddon Empire is growing,and entering deeper in the Universe.

The occupation is solid.The army is expanding but the losses are big.

Now they have took all the "spacial coast" of the Universe.Massive faction attacks are going on.


XARm@gEdDoNg33Z is freed.Five milions enemies died in half day.ArmageddonMixGee took the control of the force replacing Armageddeegario.


A quarter of the Universe is taken,the Operation "Flying Freedom" begins.The Air force mobilitates.

The operations are going good,but some territories are hard to control.Some factions ally with the Army.

Half of the Universe is taken.The "Forbidden Universe district" in the Empire is created.

The army is going on.The biggest city is captured.

Three quarters of the Universe are taken.The factions are gonna fall.

The Universe is nearly taken.Some faction Partisans try to rebel.

The Universe is finally taken!Resistances are falling!

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