H-h-he was t-there. He took me so cold. Couldn't see...choking...feeble...darkness. The seal is...his...

—Hypneegee victim {Unnamed}

I feel you. I see you. I sense you in my endeavoring nightmare. Come on your knees and crack the seal. Come. Come. I AM YOU.

—Hypneegee (from victims' evidence)

Hypneegee is a myth of a Weegee who has the power to control minds and drive anybody to insanity. Though there is no hardcore evidence of Hypneegee's existance, millions of Fakegees and Weegee clones have reported of him appearing in their dreams and giving hallucinations. All victims have died approximatly a week from first seeing Hypneegee. A note was also found one day in Weegee's office saying: The seal shall be broken. I shall return. Hypneegee is coming. Weegee insantly ordered a full-out search for Hypneegee. A suspicious Weegee clone with glowing yellow eyes was spotted somewhere among the smallest planets of the United 'Gees Galaxy. Anyone who got close enough was lost forever. Recently a painting was found of Fortran with that same suspicious Weegee clone in the background. This proves that the Weegee Clone has been there for as long as Fortran. Further investigation proves that this Weegee clone was there for centuries, and was confirmed to go by Hypneegee. Some say this Weegee clone has transformed into the more recognizeable Hypneegee seen above.

Sightings and Such

Fortran Portriat of 1877

As stated above, a suspicious clone sighted.

Various nightmares.

The Hypneegee Sighting of October 2013

Rumored to be at Fakegee Arena

Some suggest he is in Fakegee War VII

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