Click here to return to the Fun Zone. This quiz is to test your knowledge on Weegee. Good luck!

Blinking Weegee

NOTICE: On question 3, C is Guiyii.

Question 1

What place does Weegee rule?

A. Ruins
0 points
B. United 'Gees Galaxy
5 points
C. Welshings Private School
0 points
D. Nowhere
0 points

Question 2

How does Weegee turn people into clones of himself?

A. By staring at them
5 points
B. By saying "Weegee"
0 points
C. By throwing a party
0 points
D. By touching them
0 points

Question 3

Who is Weegee's favorite Fakegee?

A. Suteegee
0 points
B. Fakegee
0 points
C. Guiyii
0 points
D. Greegee
5 points

Question 4

Does Weegee exist?

A. Yes
0 points
B. No
5 points
C. Wow! The Fun Zone has sure gone downhill!
-5 points
D. He's a fictional character
5 points


NOTE: When passing by the outcomes to see which one you got, Weegee won't feel that answer's way.

If you got no answers right...

How nonsensical! You don't even know about Weegee at all! Because of this, Weegee HATES you!

If you got one answer right... Weegee is confused. Maybe you can try again.

If you got two answers right...

Two? Okay, Weegee likes you some. He hates only a bit of you, but that's okay.

If you got three answers right...

Nice! There's still another chance waiting for you! Weegee slightly hates you.

If you got all answers right...

Wow! You know EVERYTHING about Weegee! Because of this, Weegee LIKES you 100%!