Happygee was a Weegee clone that was always happy. He is the counterpart of Sadgee and Angrygee. He lived only for 5 seconds because he was extremely happy, which used to be very deadly for Weegee clones. However, due to improvements in technology, happy Weegee clones could survive, so he was revived and is now alive and well. His brother is Happyalleo. When Guiyii becomes happy, he would become Happyuiyii. He really likes the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and "Don't worry,be happy" by Bobby McFerrin. Soon after, he was convinced by Friendlygee to make an Grumpy looking Fakegee happy again, and he happily did it. Theuser9 was on his break, and soon enough Theuser9 became happy, well for about an month. He is now friends with Friendlygee and Theuser9, although he has way more friends than that.

Happygee 2.0

Happygee when he was Revived

Toon Happygee

Toon Happygee.

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