Hagrad v3

V3 made by MamaLuigi22

Hagrad is Crengalons brother and other cousin of Fortran and Ragamiicho. He has no good memory and has a game called the Sepur Hagrad Bros. When he says "Push G to Poor" He will hack your Body with the Hagrad Virus.
He is considered a Weegee clone by Fortran, like his brother. Rumors say that Hagrad was the biological father of Waweegee and Walleo, but this isn't true. He sadly died but was reborn as Garbon. Nah. Not really. But you get the picture. Before Fortran revived him, Garbon stole his spotlight. They're both friends, though.
Hagrad V2

Hagrad V.2

Toon Hagrad

Toon Hagrad

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