Hackeegee is a Fakegee who loves hacking people. He hacked many computers with his computer virus.

Hackeegee's Creation

Hackeegee was created when Dr. Scientisteegee accidently broke an eneegi flask (a chemical that make objects into Weegee Clones) on a hacked computer. The computer hacked Dr. Scientisteegee's lab, and Dr. Scientisteegee's android. As the android, he escaped his lab and disguised as a Fakegee. He also founded Geephone Sellers INC when he was disguised as a Fakegee.



Hack Stare: Turns people into a computer, then it formats.

Hack Computer: Can hack almost every computer in existence.

Hack Lazer: Makes a glitched version of a person or object


Hackeegee geeputer

Hackeegee geeputer

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