Gweeyee and his aura of corruption

Gweeyee not corrupted

Without his corruption aura.


Gweeyee is a creepy fusion of a Guiyii and Weegee clone. The result was a strange creature that resembled a awkwardly drawn Weegee. He was made by Dr. Scientisteegee as an early experiment. Gweeyee had an aura of corruption that destroys anything that comes in contact with it. So far, however, it only destroyed Luigi's right arm. Sometime ago, Luigi snuck into Dr. Scientisteegee's lab and stumbled on Gweeyee. That's how his right arm was destroyed. Sometime before that, Dr. Scientisteegee made a new creature called Luweegee. When Dr. Scientisteegee caught Luigi, he ordered both mutants to destroy Luigi, and he fled. Luigi was caught by Weegee, who then freed both Luweegee and Gweeyee from Dr. Scientisteegee's control. He appeared for a single second when Weegee's mirror was creating Guiyii.His right arm is now re-created.His powers are Destruction,corruption,fusions and mind blow.He can use them also trough his stare.His aura of corruption also can be activated or deactivated when he wants.He's Leegee's rival.


Main article: Marrioh

After Luweegee made a brother named Mahreoh, Gweeyee was determined to make one too. However, he accidentally went into Un Ded's lab by mistake to make his creation. Marrioh turned out to be a gigantic robotic Marreoh-like menace that almost destroyed the United 'Gees Galaxy (See the Marrioh Catastrophe). Marrioh was eventually destroyed by Weegee, leaving Gweeyee all alone again...until he made Marrioh II.

Marrioh II

After the original Marrioh was destroyed, Gweeyee went to Weegee's Factory to make his brother. This became Marrioh II. Marrioh II did not become a hulking beast, because he was a Weegee clone. And Gweeyee still hasn't changed his name...

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