Gunnereegee with his machine gun

Gunneregee is a mental Weegee clone and second-in-command of Weegee's Army. Gunnereegee is obsessed with guns and shooting, and he loves his machine gun most of all. Gunnereegee takes his machine gun wherever he goes, even to the bathroom. He was rated the #1 Killing Weegee clone, that's even above Greegee and Weegee themselves! His machine gun is not his only gun though, he has an entire armory, with every kind of gun in the universe. He also has 1,000 nukes. He now joins the League of Weegees.

Soon during he joined T.A.O.M.W as a gunner (obviously) and is currently one of the best soldiers they had. He befriended Friendlygee there but is rather very violent so he has his ups and downs there.