Grudgeegee is a Fakegee created by Terrifiregee. He serves Terrifiregee by making people hold grudges. He is also one of the few Terrifiregee Domain kings that one can summon. He is not very powerful compared to the others, though, but he can still cause a lot of destruction by making people fight.

He is the least trustworthy Geeman in the whole GeeHell and has back-stabbed many. He is only loyal to Terrifiregee and only him. He doesn't even like his own brothers and will, from time to time, fight against them. He rules over the southwest of the domain.

How to Summon

In order to summon him, one must make four spirit sacrifices and one blood sacrifice. And then, the summoner must kill someone who he holds a grudge on. Lastly, he should read the 31th passage of the Necronomicon. Grudgee will then appear. Be careful, as Grudgeegee is NOT to be trusted fully. He will give you the chance to make anyone hold a grudge against anyone. You have, however, to be polite, or else he will mess with you instead.


  • Warping: He can warp throughout the Terrifiregee's Domain and, sometimes at the Trolliverse.
  • Grudge: He can make people hold grudges against each other. This depends on the strength of their soul, though, and magical beings are almost impossible to be affected by this.
  • Scheme: He can come up with the nastiest plots one can think of.
  • Metamorphosis: He can turn into his enemy's enemies.
  • Dark Aura: People around him will feel an overwhelming feeling of disgust.