Grimeegee is an evil Fakegee made by Terrifiregee. He looks quite like the Grim Reaper of human myth. He serves Terrifiregee by killing anyone that he doesn't like, alongside Deathgee. Grimeegee was created after Deathgee to be his assistant. Despite this, Grimeegee by himself is pretty powerful and, unlike Deathgee, focuses more on physical power rather than magic.

Grimeegee is short-tempered and filled with hate (not worse than Angeredgee). Because of his likes and dislikes, he is considered the edgiest of the eight. He is best friends with Deathgee and the two usually go out together to hunt for souls. He was the one who brought Lighteegee back to life as Darkeegee.


Grimeegee is well-known for his palace at the west of the Terrifiregee's Domain. It is guarded by legions of undead and the place is made out entirely out of bones. It never falls, though. His palace can also be used as a way to get out from the domain, since it's the only place that has a portal to the outside world. One must defeat the hordes of undead and maybe even Grimeegee himself if he wishes to leave.


  • Animate Dead: He can bring back the dead and make them his slaves.
  • Scythe of Power: A powerful energy scythe that can harvest the soul of weak enemies. Said souls he can use to make his undead army even stronger.
  • Skull Missile: He can shoot exploding flaming skulls.
  • Grim Barrier: He can cast a barrier around him that will block most projectiles, making so only melee weapons can hit him. Blessed projectiles can still pass through it.
  • Boomerang Scythe: He can throw his scythe and make it act like a boomerang.
  • Scythe Barrier: He can spin his scythe so fast it will act as a barrier. Unlike Grim Barrier, this will reflect projectiles and hurt those who get too close.
  • Warp: He can warp to anywhere he wants in Terrifiregee's domain. He can warp further but he needs to concentrate.