Grarmeegee was Nega Weegee's last form. Marmeegee wanted to become more evil than Weegee (his "brother", as he calls him), so he became a Greature. Thus, he then had Ascended Super Hyper Epic Evil (which is higher than Super Hyper Epic Evil, but still much lower than Pure Evil.) His evil now rivaled Weegee's to the point that Weegee himself worried that Grarmeegee would overthrow him.

So, Weegee challenged him to a one-on-one battle in the Sauf Paurk Galaxy. Weegee almost died, but at the last second, he used his Ultimate Stare. After a long beam struggle between the two's stares, Weegee's won over, and the Sauf Paurk Galaxy exploded into oblivion. Recently it was discovered that he survived the explosion at the Sauf Paurk Galaxy, and is now a member of The Anti-Weegee Alliance. With the Tecnology of Dr. Scientisteegee, Grarmeegee, via syringes, had injected MR, FFR, WVR, SuperDNA, UltraDNA, PR and three mysterious sustances that allows Grarmeegee to have the powers of a normal Weegee Clone, of a Greature, and of a Zreature. Because of this, Grarmeegee has the powers of Nega Weegee, of Marmeegee, of Greegee (and Grarmeegee), of Zeegee, of Breegee, of Dreegee, of Weegee, of Zreegee, of Suteegee and of Suteegee 1.9999999, but slightly less powerful then the original owners of the powers.


New Grarmeegee,after the new powers have a red aura and different shoes.