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Grand Dad is a relatively-mysterious 'Fleenstone' who first became known through a bootleg by the name of 7 Grand Dad. He bears a striking resemblance to Fortran, and may in fact be related to him.

He was born in the Taiwan but his parents, Hario and Merio, brought him to live in Chinagee for unknown reasons. When grand dad lived in Chinagee, he had a child with someone named Graesh, that child was Oonlakry. Once Grand Dad was older, he decided to move to the United 'Gees Galaxy, and escaped from the Dictators totalitarian rule. He had a strange symbol on his hat, his symbol is very special as it is chinese for King, his parents had given him this special hat to show that he will grow up to do special things. He had a younger brother named Grand Uncle, who was born many years after him, and a wife named Grand Ma. Before marrying Grand Ma, he was in a relationship with Grandcess Aunt. He also had semi-clones of him called Mindad's, which help him with tasks. His son with Grand Ma is Grand Son

-Vinesauce- Super Grand Dad 3D World01:42

-Vinesauce- Super Grand Dad 3D World

Grand Dad's theme.

Sometime in his life, he aquired anti-aging powers. this is believed to be due to to his transformation into a figment, but he will not state the exact reason. However, this has allowed him to live for a long time, and he watched the galaxy grow around him. He aquired many friends and enemies, but he strongly disagrees with Finngee's existence, partially due to his methods of managing a star cluster. Lately, there has been a DNA leak in the cloning division in grand dads fortress, one of grand dad's mindad's pressed the wrong button at the cloning division which released Meegee II DNA and Mindad DNA together creating Meedad. He was eventually stopped by grand dad.After a time,AD,Armageddon,Anime Finn and Magna Weegeepede Mk II went to the fortress to kill Grand Dad. They were almost success but Grand Dad, in what could have been his last few seconds of life,morphs into Grand Hydra using his figment powers,which was however killed by the party.Grand Dad's life was over too,even as a figment as the idea of him was dead, but however someone will avenge him one day... There were rumors that his soul was stored into the Devil Machine in Finn's Galaxy to prevent him from being freed which was proven to be false. His reincarnation is now known as GrandDad9. However he still goes by Grand Dad.

He has his video game, Pokegee Grand Dad Edition for the VGS.


  • He originated in a unauthorized Mario NES game called Grand Dad: Super Mario 7.
  • His species was originally fleentstone but due to a contract with Siivagunner he's now a figment.
  • He is the grandest dad of all the grandest dads.
  • He has the ability to change any music whatsoever to the theme song of The Flintstones.


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