Gralleo IV

After Gralleo III died by Killeegee, Un Ded decided not to revive Gralleo again. They threw Gralleo III's dead body in the trash, where it eventually went to the garbage plant. A Weegee clone worked there, and brought the dead cyborg to Weegee. Weegee revived it with his own power and Gralleo IV was created. Out of his anger of being killed (again) he killed his biggest fan Grarreo. Gralleo IV is now on Weegee's side again and currently lives with Greegee, He now joins the League of Weegees. One day he put Marmites on his toast. He got killed by Reegee but was revived again into Gralleo V, Funky later made a clone of Gralleo IV and the clone joined Kipeegee's Robot Army.

Toon Gralleo IV Quenteegee style

Toon Gralleo IV